Film Transfer

By on October 9, 2014

film transfer
8mm, Super 8, Super 8 Sound, 16mm, 16mm Sound to DVD Transfers

All movie film deteriorates with time and colors slowly fade away. We will clean, repair and transfer your film before it turns to dust! If you want to work with your videos after we transfer them, you might consider purchasing a mini hard drive so that we can transfer your videos as .MPG or .AVI files… otherwise we will transfer up to 2 hours of film to one DVD.

Film Transfer Prices:

250 ft. (minimum)- 1000 feet of film: $.22 per foot
Over 1000 feet: $.20 per foot

Footage guide:

(Measure your reel from edge to edge)
3-inch reel :: 50 feet   :: approx 3   minutes
5-inch reel :: 200 feet :: approx 15 minutes
7-inch reel :: 400 feet :: approx 30 minutes