Slide Scanning

By on April 2, 2013


‘Slide’ or ‘Chrome’ film, like Kodachrome, was very popular from the 50’s – the 70’s as a more affordable way to shoot in color and generally gave much better color rendition than prints. Many people are now scanning all the old family slides and distributing CD copies to siblings, friends and relatives. Slides not stored properly will color-shift with age and our scanning process uses Digital Ice ™ and Digital ROC ™ to minimize dust and scratches and retrieve color from the ‘fade monster’.

Slides are delivered on data DVDs because of the large file sizes required when scanning such a small item.

We can turn your slides into a beautiful DVD Slideshow for an additional $69.95!

(all scanning is done in-house!)

Scanning Prices

1-5 slides $5.00 per scan
6-50 slides $1.00 per scan
51-100 Slides $0.75 per scan
101-300 slides $0.60 per scan
301-500 slides $0.45 per scan
501-700 slides $0.35 per scan
701-900 slides $0.25 per scan
901-1000+ slides $0.20 per scan