Photo Scanning

By on January 30, 2013


Anyone who has hand scanned pictures knows how time consuming and tedious the process can be. Most people have thousands of photos hidden away in their closet or in shoeboxes or photo albums. Now there is an easy alternative to scanning all of those photos yourself!

Birdman Media Services uses new high speed technology to effectively scan photos to digital files at a low low price. Your pictures are professionally scanned at 300dpi as JPEG files, put onto a DVD for viewing or editing on your home computer and returned to you along with your original photographs. If you plan on enlarging or otherwise editing your pictures we recommend our hi-res scanning done at 600 dpi.

We can print from scanned picture sizes of 2×2 inches all the way up to 8×20 inches. Pictures smaller than 2 inches or larger than 8 inches must be hand-scanned.

All scanning is done on-site! All work is completed on-site so your photos never leave our store during the process.

High Speed bulk photo scanning prices

1-10 photos
11-50 photos
51-100 photos
101-300 photos
301-500 photos
501-700 photos
701-1000 photos
1001-1999 photos
2000+ photos

Hand Scanning
If you’ll be making high quality reproductions, flatbed scanning is the preferred choice. If your photos are smaller than 2 inches or between 9″ and 12″ then flatbed scanning is the only available option.